Completion the forming cycle

Upon the forming completion the forming electrolyte is exchanged for finite electrolyte of specified density. The design of injectors ensures the correct level of electrolyte. In the end of the forming cycle the injectors and jumpers are removed, and the batteries, ejected by other not yet formed ones, pass to the final assembly line, where they undergo installation of standard kitting-up, washing, marking and high-discharge test.



In the end of the forming process all batteries are 100% quality tested by heavy current discharge according to additional plants patented criterion.Quality control system is able to detect minimal deviations in the battery construction or defects, that were missed at the previous stages of production.
After such strict selection the probability of errors in battery operation practically amounts to zero. Since the patented criterion was implemented into the quality control sys-
tem of the both plants, the percent of reclamations has decreased to 0,3% and continues to decrease.
Finished products are labeled and stacked on palettes to be delivered to the finished-products storage area.

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