Electrode plates production. Paste-smearing.

Both plants use an innovation technology for production of electrode plates. This technology is based on vacuum technique for preparation of lead paste in the mixers of the German 
firm Eirich. Due to Eirich mixers the prepared paste has high homogeneity between the mixes and better reactivity, which gives good adhesion of the paste to the grid.
This method makes use of a precision two-sided paste smearing unit on a rigid metallic drum.
The paste-smearing line includes the following automatic units of SOVEMA firm:
  • unwinder for lead strip;
  • welder for strip splicing;
  • accumulator for continuous functioning of the line;
  • Performer 500 Plus for preparation of expanded continuous grid with stabilization of its width in start/stop mode;
  • separator;
  • drying tunnel;
  • vacuum packer, which very carefully and with high precision piles the smeared plates into stacks.
This line ensures the parameter stability of lead pastes, the weight and geometric characteristics of the electrode plates, as well as the increased adhesion of paste to the grid.
From the smearing machine the electrode plates come to the belt of the dryer.


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