"WESTA" production facilities are focused on production of wide range of automotive SLI lead-acid batteries from 40 A*h till 225 A*h including “light” and “heavy” group of batteries accordingly.

Starting capacities of accumulator batteries, manufactured in compliance with Ca/Ca leading technology, are ranked as the top class. Calcium addition into positive and negative electrodes prevents water excessive boiling up; as a result-improved reliability and durability, 1.5 times increase in service life.


  • exclusive technologies and quality control multi-stage schematic design
  • state-of-the-art equipment from major world manufacturers
  • use of high-quality base materials and components
  • engine reliable start in severe applications (especially needed for diesel engines)
  • high reserve capacity


Low self-discharge and low water consumption

  • maintenance-free characteristic (throughout the guarantee period)
  • increase in storage term

High operating reliability

  • know-how technologies (formula of active material preparation)
  • application of lead-calcium alloy
  • separator-envelope produced from porous polyethylene
  • symmetric two-sided daubing of plates with lead paste

High safety and corrosion prevention

  • central gas-extraction system with flame arrester
  • body produced from impact and freeze resistant polypropylene

Vibration resistance

  • use of special vibration-absorbing compound, fixing plates in monoblock cells
  • reliable quality control of electric connections.


The patented system of acid spray capture and explosion safety is employed in all batteries of “light” and “heavy” group with central gas-escape channel. The design is developed on the standard stopper M18 basis and has a labyrinth spray catcher and a flame arrester. Two stoppers of such design are fixed in two central cells, thus providing batchwise gas emission at a distance from pole terminals and preventing electrolytic solution spilling during short- time 180dgr turnover.





WESTA workshops produce batteries of two classes: “premium” and “standard” which are sold under a wide range of brands across different markets.  


The main difference between “premium” and “standard” group:


  • high current of dry run (600A for 60 A*h battery)
  • reliable launch of diesel engine in winter period
  • improved reliability in severe applications
  • (temperature is less than minus 50 degrees centigrade)
  • reduced water consumption (up to 1g/ A*h etre)
  • low self-discharge
  • improved tolerance to deep discharge
  • 1,5 time longer operating life
  • improved explosion safety
  • new functional design
  • 100% quality warranty



  • comparatively high current of dry run
  • (temperature is less than minus 18 degrees centigrade)
  • reduced water consumption
  • comparatively low self-discharge
  • low internal electric resistance in the
  • temperature less than 0 centigrade
  • prolonged operating life
  • improved explosion safety
  • 100% quality warranty



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