The assembled batteries pass to the forming shop with water cooling system, which is equipped with innovation technology of pulse and bidirectional currents charge forming.
The forming of automotive batteries is executed on roller beds with water cooling produced by Italian firm Jovis Alta Meccanica. As the source of current workshops use current transducers of Digatron firm, manufactured according to the patients of WESTA-Dnepr.
The implemented technology decreases the duration of forming cycle to 12 hours, increases quality and stability of battery parameters, and the electrical parameters of batteries after the forming is improved by 5%.
To implement the technology of charge forming with the help of pulse and bidirectional currents it is essential to use current transducers designed according to engineering developments of WESTA Corporation, as well as support equipment for processing, maintenance and quality control of batteries.
Accelerated battery forming of heavy group is executed on automated complex NBE O.M. Impianti made in Italy. Batteries of heavy group pass to the forming shop which is equipped with electrolyte circulation. The main advantage of this technology is decrease in duration of forming cycle till 8 hours, decrease in energy consumption by 15%. As the result, the plant receives batteries with high stability of forming, high quality of all battery components, and the 95% percent of PbO2 conversion.