Assembly line

After the stage of ripening the plates find themselves on the assembly line. The assembly line installed at “WESTA-Dnepr” and “WESTA INDUSTRIAL” plants is one of the latest modification of assembly systems produced by company “BM” for automotive batteries with capacity from 38 Ah to 100 Ah. The line accomplishes full automatic assembly of batteries without any direct participation of workers.
The workers are responsible only for the following operations:
  • general supervision of units and mechanisms;
  • delivery of components (electrode plates, separation strip, monoblocks, covers) into special storage devises.

The new assembly line gives the following advantages:
  • 2-3 times higher productivity of battery assembly, up to 6 pcs/minute;
  • higher quality of assembly operations and reliability of batteries;
  • the hygiene and sanitary conditions at the plant are dramatically improved.